Clinical Outcomes: Publications


Discover content that is distributed for public review, including publications in medical journals that provide a snapshot of AVITA Medical and results from the RECELL® System.

  1. Gittings et al. Burns. The efficacy of resistance training in addition to usual care for adults with acute burn injury: A randomised control trial. 2021 Feb; 47(1):84-100
  2. Holmes et al. Burns. Demonstration of the safety and effectiveness of the RECELL® System combined with split-thickness meshed autografts for the reduction of donor skin to treat mixed-depth burn injuries. 2019 Jun;45(4):772-782. doi: 10.1016/j.burns.2018.11.002
  3. Kowal et al. Adv Ther. Cost-Effectiveness of the Use of Autologous Cell Harvesting Device Compared to Standard of Care for Treatment of Severe Burns in the United States. 2019 May 7. doi: 10.1007/s12325-019-00961-2
  4. Holmes et al. J Burn Care Res. A Comparative Study of the RECELL® Device and Autologous Split-thickness Meshed Skin Graft in the Treatment of Acute Burn Injuries. 2018 Aug 17;39(5):694-702
  5. Sood et. al. Wounds. A comparative study of spray keratinocytes and autologous meshed split-thickness skin graft in the treatment of acute burn injuries. 2015 Feb:27(2):31-40
  6. Lim et. al. Burns. Is the length of time in acute burn surgery associated with poorer outcomes? 2014;40(2):235-40
  7. Johnstone et al. Burns. Successful application of keratinocyte suspension using autologous fibrin spray. 2017;43(3):e27-e30
  1. Holmes et al. J Burn Care Res. Real World Treatment Trends for Patients TBSA ≤ 20%: Evaluating Important Shifts in Care and Budget Impact of ASCS Adoption. 2020 Mar 41; Suppl 1: S115.
  2. Van Hoorebeke et al. The Faces of Autologous Skin Cell Suspension as Epidermal Grafts. J Burn Care Res. Volume 41, Issue Supplement_1, March 2020, Pages S195–S196,
  1. Foster et al. J Burn Care Res. Budget impact of autologous cell harvesting device (ACHD) use versus standard of care (SOC) for treatment of severe burns: A case study for the Arizona Burn Center. 2019 Apr 40; Suppl 1: S165–S166.
  1. Hickerson et al. J Burn Care Res. A Comparative Study of Autologous Skin Cell Suspension to Split-thickness Autografting in the Treatment of Acute Burns. 2018 Apr 39; Suppl 1: S1.
  2. Holmes et al. J Burn Care Res. Demonstration of the Safety and Effectiveness of Autologous Skin Cell Suspension Combined with Meshed Skin Grafts for the Reduction of Donor Area in the Treatment of Acute Burns. 2018 Apr 39; Suppl 1: S60.

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