Clinical Information

Effective management of many respiratory conditions includes the regular use of approved medications contained in metered dose inhalers (MDI) or ‘puffers’ as they are commonly called.

The use of a Breath-A-Tech to deliver the medication from an MDI maximises the dosage and reduces the possible harmful side effects.

Breath-A-Tech with it’s compact size and versatility is one of the most sought after spacers available in Australia today.

Clinical research results have demonstrated time and again the benefits and advantages this remarkable product offers to patients of all ages.



Evaluation of aerosol drug output from the BREATH-A-TECH, Aerochamber spacers in a Model System

In vitro comparison of Beclomethasone and Salbutamol MDI aerosols inhaled during paediatric tidal breathing from four valved holding chambers

Comparison of Breath-A-Tech and Volumatic spacers with jet nebulization in the treatment of asthma

Comparison of Nebulised vs MDI Spacer delivered Beta-2 Agonist Therapy in patients with Asthma in Community