Care and Use

BREATH-A-TECH Autoclave Procedures for Hospital Grade Spacers & Silicone Masks


  1. Breath-A-Tech HOSPITAL GRADE spacers and SILICONE masks are completely autoclavable – spacers are clearly identified  with the words HOSPITAL GRADE stamped in blue along the side wall.
  2. The Breath-A-Tech spacer should be fully disassembled into four parts – chamber; mouthpiece; end cap and valve.
  3. If a prewash is used the Breath-A-Tech spacer and mask must be rinsed with clear water prior to autoclaving.
  4. Small components should  be placed into autoclave bag with the spacer unit
  5. Top/middle shelf placement is recommended – DO NOT place anything on top of either the spacer or mask during autoclaving  (spacers can be laid flat or stood up during autoclaving)
  6. Follow autoclave manufacturer’s instructions ensuring that temperature does not exceed 134 degrees Celsius.
  7. After autoclaving to reduce static build up the spacer should be washed in warm soapy water, do not rinse, allow to dry naturally.
  8. Any questions should be directed to Customer Service on 1800 649 651