Q: Can it be taken apart?
A: Yes, the Breath-A-Tech spacer can be easily disassembled and reassembled.  Please see our Care & Use page for further instructions.BAT lady

Q: How do I wash my spacer ?
A: The Breath-A-Tech spacer should be washed in clean water with dish washing detergent and allowed to drain and dry without rinsing (please see our Care & Use Page for further information).

Q: How often do I clean my spacer?
A: It is recommended by the National Asthma Council Australia that with regular use spacers should be cleaned on a monthly basis.

Q: Will it fit my pMDI (Puffer)?
A: The Breath-A-Tech spacer fits all major pMDI’s (Puffers)

Q: Can I buy a replacement valve?
A: Yes, replacement valves can be purchased from pharmacies or alternatively contact us on 1800 649 651.

Q: My spacer is cloudy – what do I do?
A: The aerosol film from your pMDI (puffer) may coat the inside of your spacer causing it to have a cloudy appearance.  This creates a static free environment inside the chamber and will not affect drug delivery.

Q: Is the Breath-A-Tech Range Latex Free?
A: Yes