The Breath-A-Tech spacer is a compact, cost efficient spacer for use with all standard puffers in the treatment of asthma. The Breath-A-Tech spacer has proven, in extensive clinical studies, to deliver asthma medication more effectively to both adults and children. Leading hospitals, clinics and medical centres choose Breath-A-Tech because it is proven to be effective in delivering medication and is easy to clean.

Why use a BREATH-A-TECH spacer?

The goal is to get the medication deep into your lungs where it can work to manage your asthma. When a puffer is used alone, most of the medication ends up in the mouth, throat and stomach and only a small amount actually gets to the lungs. Breath-A-Tech helps get asthma medication into the small airways deep within the lungs where it works, helping manage your asthma and lessening the possible side effects.


Face Masks are available separately for both adults and children if required. Child face masks are also available in durable, transparent silicone. Face masks are particularly suited for infants, children and the elderly or infirm. They are ideal for use if the patient is asleep, distressed or incapacitated.
The child mask is designed for children older than 2-3 years, however special guidelines on the mask allows it to be cut with scissors to suit smaller babies.
All Breath-A-Tech masks are Latex free.