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Diabetes mellitus literally means “sweet urine,” because when blood glucose is elevated (hyperglycemia), it spills glucose into the urine.

It was painless. It certainly worked.”

Patient story #1 – Richard’s Story

It has been fantastic!.”

Patient story #2 – Cathy’s Story


% healing of diabetic foot ulcer in 26 weeks

Patient story #3 – Diabetic foot ulcer

A 48-year-old female patient presented a diabetic foot ulcer of approximately 80cm2. The patient’s chronic wound was treated with ReGenerCell™ in combination with a skin graft. The wound was fully healed after 26 weeks.


% reduction of ulcer size in 13 weeks

Patient story #4 – Unresponsive leg ulcers

A 67 year-old female patient with peripheral arterial disease and controlled type II diabetes presented a 10 cm2 ulcer above her ankle that had been open for 46 weeks.

Thirteen weeks after ReGenerCell™ treatment, the patient’s wound had decreased to less than 1cm2 and her pain had been reduced significantly.

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