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Plastic surgery comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means to mold or to shape.

The technique of skin harvesting and transplantation was initially described approximately 2500-3000 years ago with the Hindu Tilemaker Caste.1

The use of ReCell helped to save my life

Patient Story #1 – Ralph’s Story


% healed after 18 weeks

Patient story #2 – Deep facial burns

Remarkable results were obtained after the ReCell® treatment of facial burns with no reported complications.

A 48-year-old male patient had suffered deep dermal facial burns as a result of a boiler explosion and was treated with ReCell® nine days post-burn. Healing of the face occurred rapidly – at 18 weeks post-treatment the patient had healed 100% and normal skin pigmentation had been restored: the previously burned areas were a complete match in colour and pigment on the face and only mildly mismatched to the normal surrounding skin in terms of texture.

Both the patient and the clinician were extremely satisfied with the aesthetic outcome. The patient did not report any pain associated with treatment of the treated areas.


% healed after 1 week

Patient story #3 – Full thickness burns

A 21-year-old female had sustained very severe full thickness burn injuries over her face, hands, buttocks, and legs as the result of a residential gas explosion.

Approximately seven weeks after her injury, her legs were treated with ReCell® in combination with mesh grafts using healthy skin from her back. After one week of treatment the area used for grafting had healed 100% and the treated areas 95%.

The procedure helped reduce the number of grafting procedures required to heal the burned areas. It produced excellent scar quality, with only limited appearance of a mesh pattern scarring, typical of mesh grating procedures and without tightening of the skin scar.


% healed after 3 weeks

Patient story #4 – Paediatric deep burns

A 16-month-old child had suffered scald burn injury on her buttocks, legs and feet.

Conventional treatments including grafting using healthy skin from her back were used within 48 hours of injury, followed by treatment with ReCell® approximately 1 month later.

Two weeks post ReCell® treatment, the area used for grating had healed 100% and the treated areas 95%. All areas remained well healed three weeks post-op and beyond, the rapid healing reducing the likelihood of scarring and infection.

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  1. Hauben DJ, Baruchin A, Mahler A. On the history of the free skin graft. Ann Plast Surg. 1982 Sep. 9(3):242-5. [Medline].