Burns & Plastics Clinical

How treatment with RES repairs burns and acute wounds

ReCell’s® unique technology enables your clinician to rapidly create RES™ using just a small sample of your skin. RES™ contains all the elements required to restore healthy, normal skin27:

  • Keratinocytes – the building blocks of healthy skin.
  • Fibroblasts – responsible for producing collagen, providing even texture and ‘fullness’.
  • Melanocytes – responsible for producing the skin’s pigmentation (melanin).
  • Langerhans cells – part of the body’s immune system.
  • Important wound healing factors – responsible for the regeneration of healthy skin.

These elements are delivered across the treatment area in a state ready for skin regeneration.27 As RES™ only contains your own skin elements, there is no risk of rejection or biological cross-contamination.